Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Discount Blaster Season At Target!

Haven't updated the blog in a while because, well, I haven't had much to say or show.  Haven't been searching very much, and the few times I have gone out I haven't found anything. 

I've been avoiding 2014 Topps Series 1 altogether.  I literally haven't tried one bit to find relics or autographs at all.  I wonder what I missed out in my area.  I always wonder if perhaps there was some super rare relic or autograph that I could have found had I just gone out and given it some effort.  But for some reason I'm just not interested enough in 2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball enough to really take the time to search it.

On the other hand, the one thing I am keeping my eyes out for are discounted blasters at Target.  Yup.  It's discount blaster time at Target!  Around this time every year, Excell Marketing stocks up Targets with discounted blasters for only $12.  While not every blaster is worth buying, at that price a lot more of them are worth the money than at $20.

So far I've only found one 2013 Topps Baseball Value Box (comes with a handful of regular retail packs, and two hobby packs of 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball).  Unfortunately, there was jack shit in that value box.  You never expect to get anything good in the retail packs -- and I didn't.  But I had small hopes of hitting something in the hobby packs but I didn't hit anything in those packs either.  Oh well. 

I'm crossing my fingers that I find a 2012 Topps Chrome Football blaster, or a 2012 Panini Contenders Football blaster on discount.  God, that would be such steal for only $12.  If you follow the Blowout Cards forums, a few people have already hit gold with these discounted blasters.  One fellow found a pair of 2013 Contenders blasters (guaranteed auto in each one), and another dude bought a 2012 Topps Strata Blaster and hit a Russell Wilson autographed clear cut patch card.  Bastard!  Why can't that be me???  So jealous... so jealous.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Moment of Weakness: 2013 Panini Contenders Blaster Box #2

This is what happens when I go out searching and there is nothing new to search -- I come back with blaster boxes.

Again.  Out at Target.  Nothing new to search.  Trying to get myself to leave the store without busting out the wallet, but what do I do?

I grab a blaster box of 2013 Panini Contenders Football and buy it. 

Jamar Taylor
2013 Panini Contenders Football
Autograph Rookie Card

Got another Jamar Taylor autograph.  Boy, am I regretting that purchase!  Just paid $20 for a Jamar Taylor autograph.  Wonderful.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Moment of Weakness: 2013 Topps Football Value Box #2

Well, I was at Walmart, bumming around.  Of course I stop by the cards to see what's new.  Nothing is really new.  A quick search of a few products reveals no hits.  I should go home now and not spend any money on cards. 

But I hate going home empty handed. 

And so I grabbed a 2013 Topps Football Value Box.  They're $20.  Inside are a bunch of regular 2013 Topps Football packs, two 2013 Topps Platinum Football hobby packs, and three special refractors.  I know odds are slim on hitting anything good in the regular Topps Football packs.  I'm really hoping to get lucky with the hobby Platinum packs. 

Didn't get shit.  Shoulda kept my wallet in my pocket. 

The exclusive value box refractors were of Deandre Hopkins, Geno Smith, and Cordarrelle Patterson.  Geno is a bum, so I couldn't care less about getting him.  The Patterson and Hopkins cards are nice though. 

And in the two Platinum hobby packs was a regular base rookie card of Montee Ball, and a black parallel of Arthur Brown.  Nothing too great.  Oh well.

Gotta learn to resist the urge to buy random blaster boxes every time I go out.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

2012 Topps Chrome Football Blaster Box #7

Continuing on my slow break of nine 2012 Topps Chrome Football blaster boxes, here is blaster box #7.

Spoiler alert:  This blaster box rocked!

 Veteran parallel inserts:  Demarcus Ware X-Fractor; Josh Freeman refractor; Torrey Smith X-Fractor.

 Rookie inserts and rookie re-print inserts: Dwayne Allen 1984 RC; Bart Star rookie reprint; Joe Adams 1984 RC.

 Rookie parallels and rookie inserts:  Brandon Thompson X-Fractor; Robert Turbin tallboy; Dwayne Allen refractor.

 AWESOME ROOKIE CARDS:  Russell Wilson base RC;  Andrew Luck refractor RC!

And a T.Y. Hilton base rookie card autograph!  Yee haw!  Finally hit an autograph.  Autographs are actually 1:262 packs, so hitting one is pretty darn slim.  In fact, considering I have nine blaster boxes that I'm opening, each of which contains eight packs, then the probability of me pulling one autograph in these blaster boxes is 27.481%.

And hitting a T.Y. Hilton autograph is pretty awesome too since it looks like he's turning into a pretty decent wide receiver in Indy.

Between the autograph, the Russell Wilson rookie card, and the Andrew Luck refractor rookie card, this is definitely the best blaster box I've opened so far!  Lucky number seven!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2012 Topps Chrome Football Blaster Box #6

Continuing on my slow break of nine 2012 Topps Chrome Football blaster boxes, here is blaster box #6.

For the veteran refractor parallels, I got: Desean Jackson refractor, Antonio Gates refractor, Julio Jones X-Fractor, and a Ryan Fitzpatrick X-Fractor.

 Rookie parallels and inserts were a Riley Reiff X-Fractor, A.J. Jenkins tall boy, and a Mychal Kendricks refractor.

 Things got a little better with a Russell Wilson 1984 parallel, and a Lamar Miller 1957 parallel.

 The lone numbered parallel in the blaster was a camo parallel of Tommy Streeter. 

And to finish off the box were two very nice base rookies of Luke Kuechly (2012 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year; 2013 NFL Defensive Player of the Year), and Russell Wilson!

I think I was mostly excited for the Luke Kuechly rookie card and the Russell Wilson rookie cards.  Considering that Russell Wilson is now a Superbowl-winning QB, I think this was actually a pretty good blaster box!

Monday, February 3, 2014

More Pack Searching Talk on Blowout Cards

It's been a long time, but another pack searching thread came up on the Blowout Cards forums.  You can see it here

I think what is most interesting about this thread is that there is a person making comments within it who freely admits to pack searching.  What a brave soul.

He (or she) makes some interesting comments regarding pack searching which I tend to agree with.  For example:

MPF:  I'm probably going to get slammed for this, but I say pack-search away! I personally do it. I don't go all out, but when I see a fresh box of cards sitting at Wal-mart, you damn right I grab them all and flip through them to see if one is thicker or heavier. I personally think you are stupid not to. Why would I spend my money on a chance of pulling something, when I can spend my money and know I pulled something? I shouldn't pack-search because it isn't fair? Please, you want the jersey card in the box, get their [sic] first.

As long as you are not damaging product, their [sic] is no crime in it and it is first come first serve.

Buying retail products is first come first serve.  The person buying retail packs owes no duties to the person who comes after them and buys the retail products.  If the first person wants to pack search to their little heart's delight, then they can do so.  It would definitely suck for the next person to come along if all the hits are gone but it's not like the first person has to save hits for the next person.  And in reality, I don't really see any difference between this situation and a situation where a person goes to a LCS, buys a couple of hobby packs from a fresh hobby box, gets all the guaranteed hits from the hobby box, and then doesn't buy the rest of the packs.  The rest of the packs won't have a hit and it would certainly suck for the next person who came along and bought packs from that hobby box.  To me, this is the same situation, but nobody complains about the latter situation.

I suppose all the non pack searchers would argue the two situations in the previous paragraph are different because in the first situation (where a person pack searches retail products) the pack searcher is taking extraordinary actions to find all the hits, and in the second situation (where a person randomly hits all the guaranteed hits in a hobby box at a LCS without pack searching) the customer is just randomly selecting packs and leaving it up to lady luck as to whether they get the hits or not.  So, it is true, there is a difference.  But again, why can't a person take whatever efforts that they want in order to maximize the probability of them getting hits?  In my opinion, a person can take whatever efforts that they want in order to maximize the probability of them getting hits!  Buying sports cards might be one of the few activities that I know of where other people expect or demand that you forgo any advantage to aid yourself in getting what you want.  When you go to the grocery stores, people buy the riper fruit or freshest vegetables or the cans of corn which aren't all bashed in.  When you go to Vegas to play blackjack you count cards to give yourself an advantage, or at the very least you learn Basic Strategy so you're not at as much of a disadvantage.  But when buying sports cards, you're supposed to ignore any possible advantages and just leave it up to blind luck???

I know, I know... that's the way it's supposed to be.  The fun in buying packs of cards is that you're not supposed to know what you're going to get. 

But if card companies continually make packs of cards where it is beyond obvious that it contains a hit, I certainly can't blame people for buying the thicker or heavier packs or wanting to pack search the retail products.

As MPF said, above, wouldn't you rather spend your money on a pack knowing you're getting something rather than spending your money on a pack where you only have a chance at getting something? 

MPF:  Please, everyone bashes people for searching packs, but nobody wants to admit to it. I know that there are more than just a few people doing it, yourself probably included.

Yes, I bet a lot of people on Blowout Cards pack search but just don't want to admit to it.  Keep in mind, some of these people may not go through the extraordinary efforts like me or some other pack searchers, but if you're doing the flex test or looking to find the thicker packs or looking to find the heavier packs then you certainly are pack searching.  To me, the degree of pack searching doesn't matter.  If you're doing it a little, it's still pack searching. 

Actually no I don't pack search. So I am dumb for not pack searching? Yea, I am so dumb to not get myself a $1 relic and steal from kids who could get into this hobby by pulling a relic card. Jeez you are a scum.

The above quote is from somebody who opposing pack searching.  First of all, let's just point out the obvious.  Pack searching is not stealing.  It truly amazes me how many non pack searchers believe this to be true.  Let me say this as plain as possible: figuring out what is inside a pack of cards without opening it is not stealing.

The other part of the above quote that I wanted to discuss is how so many non pack searchers attempt to insult pack searchers by stating that the only thing they find are $1 relics.  While it is true, that a lot of times you just find pretty worthless relics, you can sometimes find some really really nice and expensive cards.  Just check my hit list if you don't believe me.  But what's also interesting about non pack searchers attempting to shame pack searchers with the $1 relic insult, is that if you added two zeros behind that $1 so that it now read as $100 then I'm betting a lot of the non pack searchers would then shut their mouth and be a little more understanding as to why a person might pack search.  Heck, I even bet that a lot of the non pack searchers even went out and tried a little pack searching themselves. 

first off you are lame. secondly my son, my nephew and 12 kids on my sons little league team buy packs of cards from any stores that haven them. i agree there is more dbags like yourself than kids buying retail. how would you feel if your lcs owner searched all the packs he sold. its pretty much same concept until people stop buying hot packs on ebay and losers like you find a new hobby it will never end 

The above quote is from another non pack searcher in that same thread.  This person tries to argue that a LCS owner pack searching all the packs he sold is just the same as a person pack searching retail products at Wal-Mart or Target.  These situations are not analogous.  For these situations to be analogous then it would have to be Wal-Mart or Target pack searching the retail products before they are put on shelves to be sold.  This is not what is happening.  Store owners (such as a LCS owner, Target, or Wal-Mart) owe a duty to customers to not be disingenuous and sell pre-searched products.  This duty is not transferred to the customers!  In other words, customers owe no such duty to other customers who might come after them and buy the product.  Remember, buying retail sports cards -- just like any other product in stores -- is first come first serve.

my son and gf were at walmart, he got a blaster of wwe and they got me packs of 2012 bowman that were marked down 40 percent off. all 4 of them were full of 80s and 90s cards and the purple insert pack had 3 reg bowman base in them. not one chrome card, i got about 35 1992 triple play cards. i will say not a total loss, my son thought the triple play cards were cool so he took them. repackaging something is awful, i dont get why anyone would go thru all that trouble.

The above quote is from another non pack searcher.  There seems to be some confusion with people mistaking pack searching with, well, stealing.  Again, pack searching itself isn't stealing or a crime.  But buying a product, taking out the cards, putting dummy cards back in them, resealing it, and returning it to Target or Wal-Mart is a crime.  That is stealing.  That is not pack searching -- that is outright stealing.  I do not do that, and a lot of other pack searchers out there don't do that either.  There is a difference between just figuring out what is in a pack of cards without opening it and returning resealed products to a store which have been emptied of the cards that are supposed to be in the box.

Here are my final thoughts.  I know that pack searching is a highly controversial topic.  Many of the hard core collectors and hobby elitists believe that you're just supposed to randomly pick packs to buy and just leave it up to blind luck with what you get.  And I'm in agreement with that idea too.  That's how it's supposed to be.  But sometimes it's extremely easy to tell what is in a pack.  Are you supposed to ignore that pack and just randomly select another?  I bet every non pack searcher, if they saw a pack that they knew with 100% certainty had a $50 hit in it, would buy that pack instead of leaving it for the next person.  I can't blame them for doing that.  I think everyone would.  I think everyone who buys sports cards, both non pack searchers and pack searchers alike, want to get the most out of their money.  Some are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get those hits and others would prefer pack searching to get more bang for their buck.  In my mind, those are both perfectly fine ways to go about collecting.