Sunday, March 30, 2014

2012 Press Pass Football Blaster Break

Well, I wasn't able to hold out very long.  I busted open that 2012 Press Pass Football blaster that I got from Target at a discounted price. 

Dan Herron
2012 Press Pass Football
Base Autograph

Inside was a Dan Herron autograph.  I like the nice big autograph.  Not bad for $12.99.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pack Searching 2013 Topps Strata Football & 2014 Donruss Baseball

The Target Security guard stood by the entrance looking around.  Why, I'm not sure.  But I had to walk right by him.  I hadn't even walked into the store yet and he was already waiting for me outside.  Or... so it seemed.

I had just completed the 10 minute drive to this Target after successfully searching another Target in town.  The previous Target had just been restocked.  I knew this one would likely be restocked also.  The only thing -- or person -- that stood in my way was this Target Security guard.

It wasn't Jacob, the one who always does flybys on me when I'm searching.  It was a different one.  Nevertheless, I wondered if he knew who I was.  I wouldn't be surprised if they had a picture of me in their office as somebody whom they should keep an eye on.

I tried to keep my head down as I approached him.  I should have whipped out my phone and pretended to look down at it as I walked by.  He looked at me as I approached.  I casually glanced back at him and gave him one brief nod as a mere innocent and innocuous sign of acknowledgment.  He made eye contact with me and slightly nodded back.  Not a word was said between us.  We were foes.

At least if he was outside of the store then he wouldn't be inside to bother me.  After I entered the store I went straight for the card aisle.  It had just been restocked like the last Target.  Everything was neatly arranged, and the shelves full of products.  There were only two empty spots on the blaster box shelves where someone had bought a blaster of 2014 Sage HIT, and 2014 Topps Opening Day.  Clearly, someone else had been here since this Target had been restocked.  But the question was, did they search out all the good stuff?

I looked low on the shelves for a discount blaster box tray.  And to my gleeful surprise there was a new one down there.  I pulled it out and my eyes widened in surprise.  There before me was a discounted blaster of 2012 Topps Magic, a discounted blaster of 2012 Strata Football, a discounted blaster of 2012 Leaf Football, and ... a discounted blaster of 2012 Panini Contenders Football!!!

I'm pretty sure the exact words running through my mind when I saw the Contenders Football blaster box were "OH FUCK YES!!!"

Those 2012 Panini Contenders blaster boxes -- which have a guaranteed autograph -- normally retail for $30, but instead it was on sale for a lowly $12.99.  I've been dreaming about finding one of these and now I had.  Lucky for me, it looks like the only other lone card collector who visited this Target before me was a baseball fan and not a football fan otherwise had they seen that discounted blaster tray at the bottom shelf then they would have bought this Contenders blaster.

Like a three year old child, I grabbed all four of those blaster boxes and threw them into my handcart.  At that moment, I knew tonight's efforts were worth it.  So worth it.  It didn't matter -- it wouldn't matter -- even if I got a crap autograph in the Contenders blaster.  Just the mental euphoria of finding it was enough for me.  I was in disbelief.  Pure disbelief of my luck.

With eager eyes, I scanned the retail boxes on display.  A fresh box of 2014 Press Pass Football was out.  It hadn't been searched.  I searched it but couldn't find a hit.  Nothing.  I'm pretty sure Press Pass Football doesn't guarantee a hit in each retail box.

Another fresh Strata retail box had also been put out on display.  Within a minute I had located the hit.

And finally, I searched a retail box of 2014 Donruss.  No hits were in the thick packs.  Could this retail box have an autograph in it?  I gave the retail box a good searching but I was pretty sure there wasn't a hit there.  Oh well.  I had a bunch of awesome discounted blasters so I wasn't too disappointed.  I grabbed one pack anyways and then went to the cashier to pay. 

The cashier rang me up.  Four discounted blaster boxes, and two retail packs.  The cashier looked at me.

"$60 on sports cards?"  She asked innocently.

This cashier has chatted me up before in the past.  I wasn't sure if she was trying to do that again or if it was a genuine question.  Actually, it was probably a genuine question.  I fumbled for a response to justify this spending.  I've rarely spent this much on retail all in one visit.  I guess I had gone a little overboard.

"Um, yeah, I just got paid last week."  That's all I could manage.

I don't think she realized it, and I don't hold it against her, but she sure did make me feel guilty for buying all these cards.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have a decent job which pays enough for me to pay bills and (occasionally) splurge on cards like this.

"What do you do with the cards?"  She asked innocently, again.  She was purely curious.  I guess she doesn't see many guys buying cards.

I took a moment to think about how I wanted to respond.  Well, I typically keep them and hope that the guys whose cards I get turn into Hall of Fame players and the cards are worth a lot of money.  Basically, that's what I do.  Searching for a shorter explanation, I told her I just hoped to hit something good.

"I collect them.  I keep them and hope I have someone good."  I hoped my abbreviated answer satisfied her.  But she seem puzzled.  I don't think she understood why someone would collect... cardboard.  Hah!  When you think of it that way, this hobby sure does sound lame.  Doesn't it?

She wished me a good night.  I could tell she just didn't get it.  I tried to think of what a woman might collect for which I could analogize sports cards to.  Shoes?  Jewelry?  Eh... oh well.

In my car I opened up the loose packs.

Tyrann Mathieu
2013 Topps Strata Football
Base Rookie Autograph
Retail Odds:  1:69

This was a sweet hit!  I don't have a Honey Badger autograph so I'm pretty stoked to add this one to my collection.

Ozzie Smith
2014 Donruss Baseball
Career Stat Line #/400

And the loose 2014 Donruss pack had a Ozzie Smith 580 Career Stolen Bases Career Stat Line insert.  Pretty cool card. 

And here are the discounted blaster boxes!  I haven't opened them yet.  I'm actually thinking about saving them for a little bit just like I did with those nine blaster boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome Football.  We'll see how long I hold out for, though.  Of course, when I do open them, I'll be sure to publish the contents of the boxes here.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pack Searching 2013 Topps Strata Football & 2014 Donruss Baseball

Ah, the joys of not having anything to do.  It's rare that I have one of those nights but tonight was one of those nights.  No responsibilities.  No chores.  Nothing.  Being that I hadn't had much to really do some thorough pack searching in, oh... seemingly two months, I decided to go out and check my local stores.

Lots of stuff was hitting the stores right now.  2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 had just started showing up in Targets around me.  I knew that 2014 Topps Heritage Baseball should be showing up soon if it wasn't already out, and that 2014 Donruss Baseball should be hitting retail also.

My expectations were low.  I figured most of everything had already been searched out by now since I haven't been spending time to defend my territory.  But, you never know until you look.  I hopped in my car, dropped the windows down, and enjoyed the crisp cool evening air on my drive to the closest Target.

Today also happened to be (the usual) re-stocking day for the Targets around me.  With a little luck, I might have a whole bunch of new products to search.  When I walked into the card aisle I was greeted by the beautiful sight of an absolutely pristine -- and I mean pristine -- card aisle.  It looks like it had -- literally -- just been restocked.  Everything, and I mean everything, was neatly arranged.  All the retail boxes in the shelves were lined up nice and straight.  The packs within the boxes were all nicely sorted into the correct boxes and all face up.  All the blasters were stacked and evenly spaced like a machine had done it.  I have never, and I mean NEVER, seen the card aisle ever look so pristine.

I actually took 15 seconds to just stand there admiring the entire aisle.  This Target is such a freak-show usually, with all types of weirdos running around in the Target, and kids throwing shit around and making a mess, I've gotten used to seeing the card aisle very trashed.  It was just a shock to see it so impeccably clean and organized.

So what was here to be searched?  I took my time to look around.  A new discount blaster box tray had been put out.  I checked the discount blasters for anything good but it was all racing, basketball, and crap baseball blasters.  Moving myself over to the retail boxes, I saw what looked to be a fresh retail box of 2014 Press Pass Football, and some 2014 Donruss Baseball.  Sweet.  Just the good stuff that I was looking for!

I grabbed the 2014 Press Pass Football retail box to search it.  I only had to pick up one pack in the box to realize it had been searched.  I checked all the other packs in the box.  Yup, searched.  The previous pack searcher had left the packs in a manner where I could easily tell someone had finger banged the shit out of them to look for an autograph.  Nuts.  Oh well.  I put the retail box back and then grabbed the 2014 Donruss Baseball box.

I hadn't done any research on this product.  None at all.  I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to watch videos online or read up on the checklist.  Without much to work on, I just gave the packs a casual half-assed search.  The retail box had a lot of thick packs in it.  Hmm.  I slowly searched each of the thick packs and found a hit.  Pretty easy.

I searched the rest of the thin packs.  Not sure of whether there was an autograph card among them or not, I just grabbed one pack which seemed to stand out a little bit more than the others.  I started to put back the 2014 Donruss Baseball retail box.  As I was doing so, a retail box of 2013 Topps Strata Football caught my eye.

The packs in that retail box looked a little too... factory fresh than normal.  I knew this product had come out a long time ago and that it was easy as cake to search.  So even if it was a fresh retail box, if another pack searcher had seen it before me they surely would have pulled the hit.  You never know until you check, right???

Well, it was my lucky night.

It was a fresh retail box with a full set of 24 packs.  I could tell it was completely untouched too based on how all the packs' wrappers were wrinkled in the same way.  It only took me a minute to find the hit.  Believe it or not, this is my first 2013 Topps Strata hot pack.  I had always been beat to the stores when the product first came out so I never found a hot pack.

I paid for the packs and went to my car to check out my goodies.

Tavarres King
2013 Topps Strata Football
Gold Autograph #/150
Retail Odds:  1:176

In the 2013 Topps Strata Football pack was a Tavarres King gold rookie autograph. 

Stepfan Taylor & Markus Wheaton
2013 Topps Strata Football
Base Retail Rookie Cards

And the other two base rookie cards were of Stepfan Taylor and Markus Wheaton.  I was actually very impressed with these cards.  While I had seen pictures of these cards on the internet, they actually look very nice in person -- a lot better than the 2012 Strata base cards.

Anthony Rizzo
2014 Donruss Baseball
Game Gear

Inside the thick pack of 2014 Donruss Baseball was a nice Anthony Rizzo Game Gear jersey card. 

Mike Trout
2014 Donruss Baseball
The Elite Series #/999
And finally, in the skinny pack of 2014 Donruss Baseball was a nice Mike Trout The Elite Series insert numbered to 999.   I think I did pretty well on those Donruss packs considering I hadn't done any research on the product. 

Not content with what I had, I started up my car.  Off to the other Target in town...

... To Be Continued ...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Walmart Re-Pack Box Break

A couple weeks ago I was out at Walmart.  Nothing new was out but I was absolutely dying to open something.  Looking around I saw some of those Walmart football re-pack boxes for sale.  I avoid those because they usually have just a bunch of crap packs in them.  Odds are you're probably not going to hit anything good.  At best, you're probably going to get a bunch of nice low-end base cards. 

But on this occasion, I noticed one of the three packs on the front of the box was a 2011 Panini Contenders Football pack.  Interesting...

I whipped out my phone and hopped onto YouTube to watch a blaster box break of 2011 Panini Contenders Football.  In the video I could see that the blaster box had five packs and one guarateed autograph per blaster -- meaning one autograph per five packs.  Hmm...

My interest was piqued.  That pack had a 20% chance of having an autograph.  Any autograph.  Probably a crap player autograph... but maybe somebody really good.  Maybe, somebody like Cam Newton? 

As soon as the possibility of hitting a Cam Newton autograph popped into my mind, there was no way I wasn't going to buy that box.  I grabbed it off the shelves and immediately paid for it.  Deep down I knew this was a mistake.  The chances of hitting an autograph in that one pack was a mere 20%.  And of course, if I did hit an autograph then the chances of it being a good player was probably something like 5%.  All together, I knew the odds of me hitting something good was around 1%.  But as the famous Lloyd Christmas would say in Dumb and Dumber, "so you're telling me there's a chance!" 

Yeah.  There's a chance.  And when you're desperate to rip open some packs, that small chance is all you need as an excuse to buy some cards. 

Inside the box were about 20 different packs of cards.  I don't remember all the different brands and years but most of them were crap.  Stuff like 2012 HIT, 2011 Gridiron Gear, 2012 Absolute (retail), 2011 Score, 2012 Score, and 2012 Press Pass.  The best packs in the box, aside from the lone 2011 Contenders retail pack, was a pack of 2013 Bowman Football, 2012 Gridiron Gear, 2012 Prestige and 2012 Rookies & Stars. 

I set aside the 2011 Contenders pack and opened up everything else.  While ripping all those pack was fun and entertaining because I don't usually open those products very often, I didn't hit shit. 

I mean, literally, the best two cards I got out of all those packs were a Russell Wilson insert rookie card from 2012 Prestige, and an Alshon Jeffery base rookie card from 2012 Sage HIT.  Yeah... disappointing.  Very disappointing. 

Finally, I opened up the lone 2011 Contenders retail pack.  All I could think of when I was opening it was the 20% chance of getting an autograph.  I was praying that I would be lucky today.

The first card of the pack was Adrian Peterson -- the best NFL runningback right now.  I hoped this might be a sign of good things to come. 

The third card of the pack was backwards.  Could it be a hit???

Nope.  It was a chrome insert of Willie Davis.  Damn.  No autograph.

And the last two cards in the pack was Johnny Knox and LeSean McCoy.  Bleh.  At least that pack was more exciting to open considering I actually had a good chance at getting an autograph. 

So, nothing good from this Walmart repackaged blaster.  I knew it was a bad idea despite the lone 2011 Panini Contenders retail pack but I just couldn't help it.  Oh well.  Gonna have to exercise more self-control next time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Panini to Eliminate Player-Specific Redemptions

Panini is making big waves at the 2014 Industry Summit in Las Vegas this week.  Most notably, Panini shocked the collecting community by announcing that they will be eliminating player-specific redemptions in their products and instead will use Panini Rewards Cards.  (Click here for the full story)

Typically, redemption cards have been placed into products when a player has not signed his cards (or stickers) in time for the cards to be placed into packs before packing out.  Most card collectors seem to hate redemptions because they often come with expiration dates, and it involves a long waiting process to get your card -- if you ever even get it. 

The new Panini reward Cards are designed to replace player-specific redemptions.  Panini's Mark Warsop sheds some light on these new reward cards in a nice Q&A session.  Here are the highlights: 

  1. Rewards cards will not replace all the hits in a product.  It will only replace what would otherwise be a redemption card due to a player not signing in time before pack out.  
  2. Panini may put some rewards cards into packs just as an added bonus to reward customers.
  3. The values of the reward cards will vary depending on the product and the player.  For example, a rewards card in National Treasures will be worth a lot more points than a rewards card in Score.  
  4. You can immediately use the points immediately to purchase cards, items, or "Panini experiences."  (Points do not expire.)
  5. You can save up points to buy higher valued cards.
  6. If you have currently outstanding redemptions with Panini, they may allow you to trade in those redemptions for points.  Alternatively, you may keep your redemptions and Panini will honor them as players sign their cards.  No final decision on what Panini will actually do has been made yet.

So what does this all mean ... from a pack searching point of view?

I don't think this really changes things for pack searchers.  Hits will still be there to be found.  Instead of redemptions for some cards, there will be rewards cards.  If Panini ever puts reward cards into retail products as a bonus, that would provide a huge incentive for people to try and find them via pack searching since the utility value of a rewards card is greater than that of a player-specific redemption.  By that I mean since the rewards cards can be used for a card of your choosing, an item, or a "Panini experience," it should be worth more than most crummy player-specific redemptions. 

Speaking of "items" and "Panini experiences," it sounds like Panini will have other things to use the points on than cards.  I'm guessing there might be footballs, baseballs, basketballs, pucks, and other memorabilia that you can save up for with your points.  As for what a "Panini experience" is, who knows.  But I'm guessing it's something like a Panini Headquarters tour, lunch with Panini Executives, or maybe even something ultra cool like a trip to the Superbowl. 

It will be interesting to see how these new reward cards play out in the hobby, and how it affects pack searching.  2014 Score will be the first product to contain rewards cards so it won't be long until we start seeing them.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

2012 Topps Chrome Football Blaster Box #9

Continuing on my slow break of nine 2012 Topps Chrome Football blaster boxes, here is the final blaster box of the break, blaster box #9...

Rookie refractors:  Brandon Weedon X-Fractor;  Jordan White refractor; Orson Charles X-Fractor.

Rookie old-school inserts:  David Wilson 1984;  Brandon Weedon 1957.  What's up with all the Brandon Weedon cards?  He was a cool guy to get back in 2012 but now he's terrible!

Color:  Willis McGahee pink refractor; Marvin Jones puple refractor.

Best Cards of Blaster Box #9:  Robert Griffin III base rookie card;  Joe Montana rookie card reprint.

That's it!  That's all nine blaster boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome Football ($180.00 in retail value).  Did I get $180 in value back from these blaster boxes?  Certainly not.  But it's foolish to think that you will ever get a 100% return on your investment when you buy sports cards.  But I do think that I had a pretty good break overall.  Aside from the T.Y. Hilton autograph, I got numerous rookie cards of the top QBs in the 2012 NFL Draft.  In total, I pulled...

Russell Wilson:  4 base RCs, 1 X-Fractor RC, 1 1984 Insert RC

Andrew Luck:  1 base RC, 1 refractor RC

Robert Griffin III:  1 base RC, 1 refractor RC

Basically, I was hitting one base rookie card, rookie fractor, or rookie insert of either Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, or Robert Griffin III per blaster box.  If two out of three of those guys became Hall of Fame players, I surely won't be complaining about this decision to open up these blaster boxes in the future.  Even if only one of these guys becomes Hall of Fame players I still wouldn't be complaining.  Of course, considering that I hit tons of Russell Wilson cards from these blaster boxes, I'm pretty much hoping if it's only going to be one of these guys that it's going to be him! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

2012 Topps Chrome Football Blaster Box #8

Continuing on my slow break of nine 2012 Topps Chrome Football blaster boxes, here is blaster box #8.

Rookie refractors:  Ronnie Hillman X-Fractor; Brian Quick refractor; Billy Winn X-Fractor.

Rookie color and inserts: Joe Adams purple refractor, Nick toon die-cut

Rookie old-school inserts:  Brian Quick 1984 insert; Stephen Hill 1957 insert.

And, the best hits of blaster box #8:  Russell Wilson base RC;  Alshon Jeffery tall boy.

I think this was a fairly decent blaster.  The Russell Wilson base rookie card clearly made this break worth it.  The Alshon Jeffery tall boy is a nice card too.  In fact, despite all the Topps Chrome Football I bought last year, I don't think I ever got a Alshon Jeffery tall boy. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2013 NFL Rookies Buy/Sell List

Okay, a long time ago, some people had requested my opinion on which 2013 NFL Rookies were worth buying or selling.  In my previous post I had also included 2012 NFL players, but I'm leaving those guys out and just doing 2013 Rookies this time.

A lot of people might be wondering why I'm doing the 2013 Rookie class now, when the 2014 products are starting to come out.  Well, I think now is a good time to buy 2013 Rookies since most collectors' attention will now be turning to 2014.

STRONG BUY:  Kiko Alonso (137 tackles, Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate, super stud at LB, get him while he's still cheap);  Kenny Vacarro (becoming a huge force in the Saints secondary, potential to be one of the premiere safeties in the NFL for many years to come despite injury);  Eddie Lacy (Offensive Rookie of the Year, big time power back, looks to be the star RB in Green Bay for a long time);  Giovanni Bernard (elusive RB, fun to watch, extremely talented, 4.5 yards per carry average, buy an autograph or two before he really starts blowing up!);  Mike Glennon (best rookie QB so far this year, surprised he's not getting more attention for what he's doing right now);  Sheldon Richardson (doesn't have many cards but he's an absolute beast for the NY Jets, he's going to be a star DT for years to come);  Zach Ertz (he's a bit of a sleeper, but with Nick Foles going bonkers in Philadelphia Ertz is going to be one the recipient of many targets, yards, and touchdowns in the future, big time potential to see prices pop, his better Chrome auto RCs are only $20!);  Eric Reid (huge pickup for SF in the draft, already a stud at safety, not a lot of cards available but they're cheap!).

BUY:  Keenan Allen (Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate, his prices have already popped a bit, good potential, probably won't reach the same elite WR level as Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Johnson, though.);  Matt Elam (defensive players' cards rarely go for huge prices so I wouldn't recommend going overboard on his cards, but he's showing good potential to be a star safety in Baltimore, one or two autos wouldn't hurt);  Kenny Stills (has gone quiet as of late but can definitely have big games and big years in the pass happy Saints offense, I wouldn't be surprised if his prices pop when he becomes more established in the Saints offense next year);  E.J. Manuel (solid rookie year, showing maturity and potential, prices are already high because of his status as a first round draft pick so I wouldn't overpay for his cards).

HOLD: Cordarelle Patterson (He'll have to develop into a threat at WR to fully realize his potential and become a collector's dream, he's been a bit of a disappointment so far but he's worth holding onto for now.); Tavon Austin (Another mild disappointment but he showed enough explosiveness and potential late in the year to keep for another year); Marcus Lattimore (He's still on the road to recovery but he was such a monster in college that you can't give up on him yet.).

SELL:  Dee Milliner (Bad rookie year despite being hyped as one of the top CBs in the draft.); Vance McDonald (Little impact in his rookie year, disappointing rookie year for a 2nd round pick);

STRONG SELL:  Geno Smith (Avoid him like the plague, extremely poor rookie reason, not showing huge improvements, sell fast); 

As you can see, I don't have a lot of rookies that I'm very negative about.  Aside from the players I listed above, I think it's still too early to tell whether they're going to be good or not so I would recommend holding onto their cards for at least another year.  You never know which unknown player will come out of nowhere and become one of the top players from the draft, i.e. Alfred Morris in 2012, or even better Tom Brady in 2000.

Coming up, I'll be talking about the 2014 NFL Draft and singling out a few guys who I will be targeting in the 2014 season.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pack Searching 2013 Topps Magic Football: Restocking Day Surprise

I've been checking my local Targets every day for the past three days.  I've been hoping and praying to the football card gods that my Targets get restocked with discounted blasters of 2012 Panini Contenders Football.  Those are too valuable to lose out on.  I had to make sure that if my Targets got discounted blasters that I was the first one there to get pick of the litter, so I've been making the effort to visit them every day.

Well, the Target closest to me finally got in one of those trays of discounted blaster boxes on its restocking day.  I was the first one there to check out the discounted blasters but there wasn't really anything worth buying in this one.  Talk about disappointing. 

I almost turned around and walked out of the store once I realized there wasn't anything worth buying here, but I stopped.  I reminded myself that today was restocking day, and that I should slow down, and take a moment to make sure I wasn't missing anything new which might have been put out.

I scanned the shelves and the racks.  No new Contenders rack packs.  No new Contenders retail boxes.  No new Prime or Strata.  No new Magic... wait.  There was a new Magic retail box!

It was sitting right there in front of me on the shelves, mixed and mingled among all the other retail boxes -- easily overlooked by somebody who might just glance around at things.

I grabbed the box and counted the packs.  All 24 were there, perfectly stacked within the retail box, as if it came straight from the factory -- which it did!

Immediately I started my search.  And lucky for me, I didn't have to search for very long.  The second pack I checked had the hit!  And just to think, had I not just taken that 10 seconds to carefully examine the card aisle instead of bouncing out of the store I would have missed out on this pack.

This was cause for celebration.

I went and picked out a fancy looking bottle of wine.  I don't actually drink much wine but I felt like keeping it classy tonight.  Thankfully, Target's low-priced wine section lets you pretend to be rich and sophisticated without breaking the bank. 

Here's what was inside the pack.

Jordan Reed
2014 Topps Magic
Mini Parallel

First up was a nice Jordan Reed mini parallel.

Dion Sims, Andre Ellington, Tyler Bray
2013 Topps Magic Football
Base Rookie Cards

Aside from the Arial Attack insert, the other three cards were all rookie cards!  Got a Dion Sims, Andre Ellington, and a Tyler Bray.

Khaseem Greene
2013 Topps Magic Football
Magic Autograph
Odds:  1:24

And the hit was a Khaseem Greene redemption.  I didn't even know who this guy was.  I had to google him.  Ouch.  He's apparently a linebacker for the Chicago Bears who was drafted in the 4th round of the 2013 Draft out of Rutgers.  It doesn't look like he's played a lot, which begs the question why he isn't signing his Topps stickers.  Come on, man!