Friday, August 15, 2014

I Spy Another Pack Searcher

A few weekends ago I was out on a little day trip, and decided to stop by a Target on the way.  By this point in time, Topps Allen & Ginter had been out for over three weeks.  I knew there were slim chances at finding hits but I figured I'd give it a shot anyways.

As I walked into the Target and started approaching the card aisle I could see the back of a person's head by the cards.  It was a man.  Wearing a hat, looking down intently at some packs of cards in his hands.

Instantly, I knew.  It was another pack searcher.

For a moment I considered strolling right up next to him and finger banging those packs with him.  (Would that make it a pack searching three-some?)  But then I decided against it.  While he and I are very much the same, I like to operate alone and in anonymity.  Instead, I decided to discreetly watch him from a few aisles over.

He looked to be searching Bowman Baseball.  He had some rack packs in his hands, and seemed to be checking out a few loose packs from the gravity feed too.  I haven't even tried to search Bowman this year.  The cards don't really interest me and I'd rather spend my money searching Ginter.

It was interesting to see what techniques he was using.  They were your usual techniques.  Nothing new or groundbreaking.  I wondered if he reads this blog.  I was pretty sure he probably was a subscribing member to one of the two major pack searching websites.  I wondered if I've ever been watched like I was watching this dude.  Probably.  When you've pack searched as much and as long as I have you've probably been noticed... oh, a lot.

I watched him for about ten minutes.  He seemed satisfied with one pack of cards, went to the cash register and paid for it.  I even watched him bust the pack on his way out.  He didn't seem crazy excited about whatever was in the pack but he also seemed satisfied.  I wonder what he pulled.  An autograph?  A numbered parallel?

Now that he was gone it was time for me to search.  I swooped into the aisle and started searching the Allen & Ginter packs.  Lucky for me, there was one hit to be found.

Ian Desmond
2014 Allen & Ginter
Full-Sized Relic
Odds:  1:79

It was an Ian Desmond relic!  Another nice looking card. 

This was actually one of the first pack searchers that I've come across in a very long time.  When I was first starting out, I seemed to run across at least one other searcher every few months.  Now though, I think it's been over a year since I've seen another pack searcher.  Maybe it's because as I've become more proficient at pack searching I don't spend as much time at the stores as I used to.  I have a mental picture of that guy in my mind.  I'll keep an eye out for him again.  He must be local.


  1. Ive been Packsearching for years, don't even gotta "Bang" the cards anymore, just have to touch it and i know it's a hit "I know where to touch the pack ;)". Packsearching takes no skills at all, no paper work needed. Not everyone needs a website to help them. No skills needed to packsearch. Hell at this point in time, i can just touch a blaster and know which one has a hit in it.

    I love Packsearching, but tbh it is killing retail. I have 6 Walmarts 1 Target 1 Kmart 1 Toysrus, i had them all on check. But now that all people do now a days is packsearch, they've now gotten rid of 4 Card isles at my Walmart, Toyrus don't stock anymore. The other 2 Walmarts stop selling Singles because of the Packsearching. Give it 2-3 years and you won't see much anymore. Btw Retail is hitting Dollar Tree. And no, not the 5 card packs.

    1. You sound like quite the expert. Thanks for the Dollar Tree tip.

    2. I hate saying it..i really do...But Retail is dying fast...Only place i see still selling cards, would be Target. Walmart seems like it's losing the how Kmart and Toysrus...You would think it would survive with MTG and those gaming cards...

      Dollar Tree just Put out some 2011 Wacky Packages erasers...they're selling pretty good online..3.00 a pop...for 1 dollar each, not to bad..i didn't wanna say this little Secret..but i don't mind..